Croydon Public School

Celebrates active travel on Walk Safely to School Day

The Croydon Public School community are keen, safe and active travellers.

With a lot of families choosing to walk to school on a regular basis it was only fitting to celebrate their active travel on national Walk Safely to School Day, 18 May 2018.

Families met at the local park to chat about ways to be safe as pedestrians as well as the benefits of walking to school. We discussed:

  • why children need to hold a grown up's hand when out walking
  • what to look for when finding a safe place to cross the road
  • why staying active helps to keep us healthy
  • how walking to school helps our brains to learn better
  • why it's important to always Stop! Look! Listen! Think! Every time you cross the road

After walking safely to school, the families enjoyed a healthy breakfast organised by the P&C.

It was a fantastic morning with the school community, local council and police officers, Department of Education staff, executive director of the Centre for Road Safety, Mr Bernard Carlon and the local state Member of Parliament, Ms Jodi McKay, all involved.

The photo below sums up the day!

Image: Happy students celebrate Walk Safely to School Day.
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