Driving through the riptide

Year 10 students at Lucas Heights Community School developed several powerful health promotion campaigns targeting road safety issues faced by young people for their recent PDHPE assessment task.

Here are three examples of how students demonstrated their depth of knowledge and understanding:

  1. Leave your device or you’ll pay the price was the slogan chosen for a student who developed a campaign Devices distract drivers.
  2. Your car is a weapon - it may go off at any time was another slogan for a safe driving campaign using a keychain and posters as a promotional idea
  3. A beautiful song “Driving down to the M5” was professionally developed in a cross-collaboration project with Project Youth at Menai Youth Centre (providing youth services for young people).
Driving down to the M5 music video

By adding a road safety webpage to the school’s website, Lucas Heights is using all 3 elements of a whole school approach; Curriculum, Policy and Community to ensure that effective and local issues are addressed to keep students engaged, safe and aware no matter what the Riptide.

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