Mortdale Public School

Students in kindergarten at Mortdale Public School have been using Transport for NSW?s new online resource Safety Town to explore how they can stay safe when out and about by holding a grown-up's hand.

They read the interactive ebook Who is out walking? together before discussing how they stay safe with their families when out and about.

Image: Students watch a presentation in class.

Students use these worksheets from Safety Town to write about the grown-ups who hold their hand when they go walking.

"We hold hands to keep safe walking to the beach."

"My mum holds my hand when we are out walking."

Image: Student worksheets

There are many road safety education resources for students and families available on the new Safety Town website as well as a teacher notes section to support the teaching and programming of road safety education.

If you want to find out more about Safety Town check out our free professional learning workshops available to all NSW government primary schools.

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