Professional learning – curriculum K–12

Professional learning supporting teachers and leaders with NSW curriculum implementation.

The 2024 School Development Day (29 April 2024) focuses on curriculum implementation.

From Week 7 of Term 1, 2024 participants can register for the overall SDD conference through MyPL.

Curriculum implementation

Key learning areas

Professional learning within key learning areas is available either on-demand as e-learning in a catalogue, or at a specific time on a calendar. Select a key learning area to start your professional learning journey. More links will be added as we update the curriculum pages.

Links to professional learning supporting curriculum reform related to specific key learning areas are placed in each key learning area as new syllabuses are released.

About Curriculum reform professional learning

Watch Curriculum Reform professional learning video (1:12)

An introduction to professional learning supporting NSW Curriculum Reform

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The NSW Curriculum Reform will deliver a new curriculum for all students Kindergarten to Year 12 by 2024.

The syllabuses of this new curriculum are designed to ensure every student learns with understanding, builds skills in applying knowledge, and makes excellent ongoing progress in their learning.

As teachers and school leaders, you will have access to a range of short, practical professional learning modules to support the implementation of this new curriculum.

This learning is flexible; you can complete available modules in any order and at any time; as an individual or with colleagues.

You can also choose modules that best align with your school and individual performance and development goals, and the learning needs of your students.

Each Curriculum Reform professional learning module takes about 15 minutes to complete and can be accessed on any device through MyPL.

Once enrolled, you will also be notified as new modules become available. Visit the department’s Curriculum Reform website for further information.

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Curriculum implementation professional learning

Curriculum implementation professional learning is available to support teachers and curriculum leaders to improve student outcomes. This will be done by embedding high impact strategies through implementation of the new syllabuses.

Each cycle of professional learning will deepen participants’ understanding of syllabus content and high impact strategies and will be expanded to include additional new syllabuses as they are released. Where possible, participants are encouraged to attend multiple cycles as the professional learning is designed to strengthen practice over time.

K–6 curriculum implementation professional learning

The Semester 2 professional learning explores explicit teaching strategies, including learning intentions and success criteria, and effective feedback, as well as high impact strategies, such as individual goal setting, in the context of the new K–10 English and mathematics syllabuses.

When – Semester 2 2024

  • Session 1 – Term 3, full-day statewide session, facilitated online (19, 21, 26 or 28 August, 3 or 5 September)
  • Session 2 – Term 3, two-hour afternoon session, 3:30–5:30 pm, face-to-face, online or statewide session (9, 10, 11, 12, 18 or 19 September)
  • Session 3 – Term 4, full-day statewide session, facilitated online (11, 13, 18, 20, 26 or 28 November)

7–10 curriculum implementation professional learning

In Term 2 2024 the new 7–10 English and mathematics professional learning will help improve student learning outcomes through evidence-based professional learning.

When – Term 2 2024:

  • Session 1 – statewide session, facilitated online, full day (Weeks 3, 4 or 5)
  • Session 2 – 2-hour online session (Weeks 8, 9 or 10).

How to register:
Register for Term 2 professional learning

For more information email strategic delivery curriculum portfolio, Teaching Quality and Impact at


The English K–10 Syllabus and the Mathematics K–10 Syllabus are required to be taught in NSW primary schools from 2024. Engaging with the microlearning courses will help you develop the required knowledge, understanding and skills for effective syllabus implementation.



Local network support for curriculum implementation

Curriculum Advisors can lead workshops for networks or communities of schools (for example, APCI networks, beginning teacher networks, Head Teacher networks, Principal networks) to support curriculum implementation. This includes workshops for both primary and secondary schools focusing on planning and preparation for curriculum reform at your school and syllabus in action workshops focused on navigating syllabus & research, programming & resourcing and assessing student learning.

How to book a network workshop:
Contact your local learning, teaching and leading coordinator.

For more information contact strategic delivery curriculum portfolio, Teaching Quality and Impact at

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