Department approved elective courses

The department has developed a selection of Stage 5 elective courses that can be delivered in schools from 2022.

As part of the NSW Curriculum Reform, Stage 5 school developed board endorsed courses (SDBECs) will be phased out at the end of their endorsement period or at the end of 2022, whichever occurs first.

The Curriculum planning and programming, assessing and reporting to parents K-12 Policy and associated policy standards set out the requirements for schools regarding the mandatory hours for additional studies (electives) in Stage 5.

Department approved elective courses can make up a maximum of 200 hours of the mandatory 400 hours of electives.

If a school chooses to deliver a department approved elective course:

  • students, parents and carers need to be consulted and understand that the course will not be listed on the Record of School Achievement (RoSA)
  • they should complete the registration process.

The courses

Learn about each course, find course documents and sample scope and sequences.

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