Resources in this section support schools to know more about students’ literacy and numeracy skills.

In this section

Reading and numeracy in the Universal Resources Hub

The reading and numeracy resources are centrally managed and designed to enable schools to support students in the uplift of their reading and numeracy outcomes.

Reading and numeracy guides

Resources to support evidence-based practice in reading and numeracy

What works best

Resources to support schools in implementing evidence-based approaches to teaching literacy and numeracy.

About the Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions

NSW Learning progressions for literacy and numeracy describe common learning pathways for students from Kindergarten to Year 10.

About PLAN2

An online tool designed by the NSW Department of Education to support the use of literacy and numeracy learning progressions in all NSW schools.

Literacy and numeracy in practice

Resources that demonstrate the practices schools have developed to support literacy and numeracy learning.

EAL/D literacy and numeracy

Resources supporting the literacy and numeracy development of EAL/D learners.

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