Planning Literacy and Numeracy (PLAN2) is an online tool designed by the NSW Department of Education to support the use of literacy and numeracy learning progressions in all NSW schools.

How can PLAN2 be used?

PLAN2 is designed to help in collating and clearly organising evidence gathered and may be used to aid in the analysis of student needs and teaching priorities.

Using PLAN2, teachers can:

  • record observations of students’ literacy and numeracy capabilities identified using the progressions within the context of relevant syllabuses
  • create and save a customised set of syllabus outcome(s) and progression indicators against a select group of students, to use for explicit teaching and to monitor learning
  • access progression information from the Best Start Kindergarten and Best Start Year 7 assessment, to help understand the learning needs and capabilities of new students
  • analyse and use progression information in PLAN2 to identify teaching priorities to support student development
  • monitor student growth and development to help identify patterns, evaluate what works best, and strengthen practice in response.

Transitioning from PLAN to PLAN2

PLAN2 replaces PLAN software which will become read-only in January 2021. Schools will no longer be able to enter student assessment information into the old PLAN software from 2021.

PLAN will remain available as read-only and schools will retain access to all historical student information.

PLAN2 improvements include user experience and feedback with a development roadmap outlining future enhancements.

Frequently asked questions

Will student assessments recorded in PLAN be available in PLAN2?

Student assessments recorded in PLAN will not be available in PLAN2. PLAN2 aligns to the learning progressions and PLAN to the literacy and numeracy continuum.

Will I need a new login account to access PLAN2?

No, your current login will work provided you have been granted access by your principal. Access is granted through AMU (Access Management Utility).

How will student responses be collected from the Best Start Kindergarten and Year 7 Assessments?

Responses to Best Start questions are mapped to the learning progressions. The Best Start assessment information is recorded online and automatically transferred to PLAN2.

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