Future proof

Maths will help prepare your child for life and for work, and to meet the needs of communities they will come to engage and lead.

Building skills

Maths will help students better adapt and succeed in any career, especially in jobs playing a transformative role in our future society.

Parent a passion

As a parent or carer, you play a vital role in how your child thinks and feels about maths. Even if it wasn’t your favourite subject when you went to school, maths is all around us.

#MathsTrainsBrains Ambassadors

Mahalia Barnes

"Maths helps stimulate brains and problem solving, and is an essential part of my music career"

Dan Reilly

“Things like working out angles, lengths and areas are essential on The Block. It’s maths skills like these that make a career like mine in building and construction possible"

Kai Sakakibara

“I was always encouraged to make maths a priority at home and it paid off on the BMX track”

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