About explicit teaching

Explicit teaching happens every day in classrooms across NSW. It is a powerful, evidence-based teaching practice.

About explicit teaching

Explicit teaching has been identified since 2015 in the Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) publication What Works Best: Evidence-based practices to help improve NSW student performance.

Evidence continues to support explicit teaching as a powerful practice. It works for students of all ages, and all backgrounds. It aligns with how students process, store and retrieve information.

As part of Our Plan for Public Education (staff only) we are deepening the focus on explicit teaching. We are increasing support for leaders and teachers.

Every student should experience explicit teaching when learning is new or complex. Explicit teaching allows students to gain foundational skills and knowledge. They can then apply their learning with greater independence.

Teachers use their expertise to select the right explicit teaching strategy at the right time for the right purpose.

Strengthening explicit teaching practice begins with a shared understanding of key concepts. These include:

  • understanding how learning occurs
  • the limitations of working memory

  • high expectations for student learning.

Explicit teaching in NSW Public Schools

The resource, ‘Explicit teaching in NSW Public Schools’ helps develop a shared understanding of explicit teaching. It provides key language to support discussion and practice in schools.

Download 'Explicit teaching in NSW Public Schools' (PDF 966 KB).

Research and resources

Longstanding evidence supports explicit teaching because it aligns with how learning occurs. Explore these resources to discover more.

Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE)

CESE is the department’s agency dedicated to identifying what works best. They promote evidence-informed decision-making so every student learns, grows and belongs in an equitable and outstanding education system.

For a deeper dive into the evidence behind explicit teaching, the latest CESE research and how CESE's Tell Them From Me can provide insights into explicit teaching in your school see:

Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO)

AERO is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and state and territory governments to form Australia’s independent education evidence body. AERO’s vision is for ‘Australia to achieve excellence and equity in educational outcomes for all children and young people through effective use of evidence'.

AERO resources:

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (the Standards)

The Standards highlight the knowledge, practice and professional engagement that enable explicit teaching.

School Excellence Framework

The NSW School Excellence Framework (staff only) provides a clear description of the key elements of quality practice in the domains of learning, teaching and leading.

Additional resources for explicit teaching will be released from Term 2.


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