Planning, programming and assessing English K–6

Resources to help you plan, program and assess English from Kindergarten to Year 6

The Years K–2 components of the new English K–10 syllabus is mandatory in 2023. The Years 3–6 components must be taught in all NSW primary schools from Term 1, 2024.

Schools will continue to teach the existing English K-10 Syllabus (2012) in Years 3–6 until 2024.

Kindergarten to Year 6 support package

Our K–6 support package for the latest NESA English syllabus includes scope and sequences, units and other resources.

Scope and sequences

  • Early Stage 1, Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, K–2 multi-age and 3–6 multi-age support the implementation of the English K–10 Syllabus.
  • Compliant with NESA registration requirements and include additional, value-added elements.
  • Sample English K–6 scope and sequences


Syllabus mapping tools

Year 3–6 microlearning

The English K–10 (Years 3–6) syllabus is required to be taught in NSW primary schools from 2024. Engaging with the English 3–6 microlearning course will help you develop the required knowledge, understanding and skills for effective syllabus implementation.

Six modules of 20 minutes duration.

Other resources

A suggested sequence for introducing GPCs in a systematic, explicit and cumulative way in Kindergarten through to Year 2.

Years 3 to 6 (2012 syllabus)

Note – These resources were created for the English K-10 Syllabus 2012.

Other K–6 resources

All K–6 English resources are available in our English K–6 resources catalogue.

English textual concepts

The English textual concepts and learning processes are an additional resource to support the explicit teaching of the knowledge and skill in the English syllabuses. Through the use of English textual concepts, teachers can chart the development of student understanding through each stage of learning.

Our newest resources


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