Understanding literary value video

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Understanding literary value video

Expert – Hello. And welcome to "How Much is it Worth?" The show where you bring in your literature, and our esteem team of experts, that's me tell you what literary value is. First up, we have Reannah with a rather interesting book. So Reannah, tell us about your book.

Reannah – [holds up golden book] I found this book in the attic, and I believe the cover is made of solid gold.

Expert – Wowzers gold? That's got a lot of value. But, does it have literary value? Let's open it up and read what's inside. Roses are red, violets are blue, cashews are nuts, and so are you. Charming.

Reannah – So, how much is it worth in terms of literary value?

Expert – Let's just consult my trusty textbook. A text has literary value because it helps us understand something about ourselves in the world. What it says is important to us, and so remains meaningful to people over time. Does your text have any of these things? Is it universally appealing? Timeless? Does it have a significant message?

Reannah – No.

Expert – Then it doesn't have any literary value.

Reannah – But it's made out of pure gold.

Expert – That's monetary value not literary value.

Reannah – How dare you.

Expert – I dare. Let's move on to our next guest, Madhi. So, what have you got for us today Madhi?

Madhi – A book I found in the library called 'The Magic Pudding'.

Expert – Well, the cover looks a bit old and scrappy, so it might not have much value in terms of money. But, does it have literary value? Let's see. Hm... "Apologies are totally inadequate," shouted Uncle Wattleberry. "You're a danger to the whisker growing public. "You have knocked my hat off, "pulled my whiskers, and tried to remove my nose." Oh, this pudding is so mischievous such a rascal. He doesn't play by the rules at all. He doesn't do what he's told.

Madhi – I know exactly how that pudding feels. I don't like being told what to do either.

Expert – Oh and look. This book was written in the year 1918.

Madhi – And I still find it appealing more than a hundred years later? Whoa.

Expert – I'd say this text was definitely timeless, and has wide appeal. I'd say it definitely has literary value.

[spring sound effect]

Pudding – [person dressed as a pudding jumps up from under the table] I object!

Expert – Why do you object?

Pudding – Because, as a pudding I find this book offensive. It talks about a pudding with thoughts and feelings, just like me. But despite that, it was always being eaten. As if it were mere object.

Expert – Interesting. Not all texts hold literary value for all people or puddings. Looks like literary value can change depending on which culture, society, or groups of people are consuming it. Well, that's all we have time for now on How much is it worth.

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