Leading English 7-12

Support for leaders and aspiring leaders of English 7-12 with advice and resources to develop their planning, organisation and communication when leading a stage or faculty.

Planning templates

Requirements for planning a program of learning or a course at your school

Stages 4 and 5

Each document sets out the key requirements for planning a program of learning for Stage 4 and Stage 5. The planners include a rationale, an outline of the purpose of the planner and an optional suggested collaborative structure. The text requirements are explained for each stage and there are tables provided to assist teachers and leaders of English to map and outline the way these requirements are currently being met. This assists in the identification of areas for refinement. The planner also includes a comprehensive program planner for both stages.

Stage 6

These documents set out the key requirements for planning a course at your school. They are organised beginning with Year 12 to support the planning process of backward mapping.

Support for controversial issues in English

Suggested support for controversial issues (DOCX 80.59 KB)

Syllabus information

An overview of the pedagogical changes and whole school considerations to support school leaders’ understanding of what has changed for the English syllabus.

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