Keep up to date – languages 7–12

The latest languages 7-12 professional learning, resources and support for teachers and leaders.

Implementation resources

Resources to support school leaders and teachers with curriculum implementation for languages 7-12 will be added to this page as syllabuses are released.

A comprehensive range of resources has been developed to support school leaders and teachers through the phases of curriculum implementation.

The resources:

  • outline the phases of curriculum implementation
  • provide role-specific support packages for curriculum implementation
  • provide support for school planning for curriculum implementation.

Access Leading Curriculum K-12 and Phases of curriculum implementation for advice and resources to support leaders to facilitate effective curriculum implementation in schools.

Language teacher networks

Language teacher networks support language teachers in NSW schools. The networks are K-12 and cross-sectoral and run with financial assistance from the Department of Education

Statewide staffrooms

Statewide staffrooms are set up in Microsoft Teams for expert advice, resources and professional learning, on topics including NSW Curriculum Reform.


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