Korean Beginners

Support to help you plan, program and assess the Korean Beginners course.

Student resources

Stage 6 Korean Beginners Preliminary and HSC course materials (Moodle)

NSW School of Languages has developed a Stage 6 Korean Beginners course to support teachers in the delivery of Asian languages. The course is based on the Korean Beginners Stage 6 Syllabus developed by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). The course materials are available to all NSW government and non-government schools teaching Korean, with a one-off administrative fee ($350 for Year 11 and $350 for Year 12).

For full functionality, schools will require their own Moodle servers (version 2.8.9) and have specific plugins in order to access the interactive activities and listening files.

To learn more about the course, or to arrange a copy, please contact the NSW School of Languages at NSWSchoolLang.school@det.nsw.edu.au

Interactive resource

This resource contains a series of videos with supporting activities.

Yaho! Hangugeo for Stages 4 to 6


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