Quirky comics: Japanese – Alien! 3

This intermediate text is about a boy who sees an alien.

The Quirky comics video texts support the teaching of 'Understanding texts' outcomes in the Modern Languages K-10 Syllabus. This can be done in many ways, including:

  • Students can use the provided transcripts to read the stories aloud and record themselves perform the stories as plays.
  • They can summarise, sequence, extend and change the beginning or ending of the stories.
  • They can write profiles of the characters and then put them in different situations.

The texts can also lead to communicative 'Interacting' or 'Creating texts' tasks, such as, telling a nurse why you don’t feel well or writing an invitation to a birthday party.

Watch 'Alien! – Level 3' (1:34)

Alien! – Level 3

(Duration: 1 minutes 34 seconds)


Yane no ue no uchuujin

Frame 1-1

Boy with spiky hair: じゅん!じゅん!あなたのうちの上におにがいます!

Jun! Jun! Anata no uchi no ue ni oni ga imasu!

[End of transcript]

Frame 1-2

Jun: へえ?Hee?

Frame 1-2

Boy with spiky hair: からだはすごく大きいです!そしてみどりです!

Karada wa sugoku ookii desu! soshite midori desu!

Frame 1-3

Jun: おかしいね!

Oksahii ne!

Frame 2-1

Boy with spiky hair: かみのけがありません。あたまの上にアンテナがあります。Kaminoke ga arimasen. atama no ue ni antena ga arimasu.

Frame 2-2

Jun: うちゅうじんですか?

Uchuujin desu ka?

Frame 2-3

Boy with spiky hair: はい。たぶんそうでしょう。めは大きくてギョロギョロしています。Hai. Tabun soudeshou. Me wa ookikute gyorogyoro shite imasu.

Frame 2-4

Jun: こわいなあ!

Kowai naa!

Frame 3-1

Boy with spiky hair: はなはながくてきゅうりみたいです!

Hana wa nagakute kyuuri mitai desu!

Frame 3-2

Jun: きゅうりみたい??へえ?

Kyuuri mitai?? Hee?

Frame 3-3

Boy with spiky hair: かおはゴリラみたいです!くろいひげがあります!

Kao wa gorira mitai desu! Kuroi hige ga arimasu!

Frame 3-4

Jun: そう??


Frame 4-1

Jun: うでは?足は?

Ude wa? Ashi wa?

Frame 4-2

Boy with spiky hair: うでも足もありません。

Ude mo ashi mo arimasen.

Frame 4-3

Jun: しっぽは?

Shippo wa?

Frame 4-4

Boy with spiky hair: ええ、くろいしっぽがあります。もうひとりはぜんぶくろいです。Ee, kuroi shippo ga arimasu. Mou hitori wa zenbu kuroi desu.

Frame 4-5

Jun: もうひとり!!!たいへんだ!はやくそとへ見に行きましょう!

Mou hitori!!! Hayaku soto e mi ni ikimashou.

Frame 4-6

Boy with spiky hair: はい、行きましょう!

Hai, ikimashou!

Frame 5-1

Jun: ばかだなあ!!!あれはぼくのお父さんですよ!!

Baka da naa!!! Are wa boku no otousan desu yo!


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