Quirky comics: Indonesian – Aduh! 1

This beginner text is about a girl who encounters a sequence of bad events while trying to get to school.

The Quirky comics video texts support the teaching of 'Understanding texts' outcomes in the Modern Languages K-10 Syllabus. This can be done in many ways, including:

  • Students can use the provided transcripts to read the stories aloud and record themselves perform the stories as plays.
  • They can summarise, sequence, extend and change the beginning or ending of the stories.
  • They can write profiles of the characters and then put them in different situations.

The texts can also lead to communicative 'Interacting' or 'Creating texts' tasks, such as, telling a nurse why you don’t feel well or writing an invitation to a birthday party.

Watch 'Aduh! – Level 1' (1:44)

Aduh! – Level 1

(Duration: 1 minutes 44 seconds)

Frame 1-1

Girl with two hair buns: Wah! Jam enam. Aduh, ada ujian di sekolah hair ini.

Frame 1-2

Girl with two hair buns: Di mana tas saya?

Frame 1-3

Girl with two hair buns: Tidak ada.

Frame 1-4

Girl with two hair buns: Tidak ada di lemari.

Frame 2-1

Girl with two hair buns: Ini tas saya

Frame 2-2

Girl pouring cereal: Aduh, tidak ada cornflakes.

Frame 2-3

Girl pouring milk: Tidak ada susu!

Frame 2-4

Girl with two hair buns and pink cat: Roti panggang ini tidak enak!

Frame 3-1

Fly inside orange juice: Aduh, ada lalat dalam es jeruk!

Frame 4-1

Girl with two hair buns: Sudah siap. Saya mau naik bus.

Frame 4-2

Girl with two hair buns steps on dog poop: Aduh, baunya!

Frame 5-1

Red bus driving off: Aduh! Ada air!

Frame 5-2

Girl with 2 hair buns: Aduh, busnya tidak berhenti.

Frame 5-3

Girl with 2 hair buns walking: Ah, tidak apa-apa! Saya jalan kaki ke sekolah.

Frame 6-1

Girl with 2 hair buns: Sepi sekali hari ini di sekolah.

Frame 6-2

Girl with 2 hair buns: Maaf, pak. Siswa-swisa sudah masuk kelas?

Frame 6-3

Painter: Oh tidak, hari ini hari Minggu! Hari Minggu tidak ada sekolah.

Frame 6-4

Girl with 2 hair buns: Aduh, hari ini hari Minggu! Wah saya bodoh!!

[End of transcript]


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