Leading languages K-6

K-6 advice and resources supporting leaders to facilitate effective languages curriculum implementation in schools.

The study of languages for Early Stage 1 to Stage 3 students is optional. The decision to deliver a languages program is made at an individual school level through consultation with staff and the community. K-10 language syllabuses and support documentation are available from Languages K-10 (NESA)

Languages programs in primary schools may also be delivered through the Community Languages Program K-6 or the NSW Bilingual Schools Program.

Community Languages Program K-6

A program supporting learning outcomes for language learners across the state, operating across many NSW public schools since 1981.

The Community Languages Program K-6 caters for background speakers encouraging the inclusion of non-background speakers, and fostering and celebrating harmony, diversity and unity.

The Bilingual Schools Program

This program aims to achieve greater fluency in priority Asian languages at 4 government primary schools. Students learn the targeted Asian language for up to 1.5 hours each school day.

The four schools involved in the program and their targeted languages are:

  • Rouse Hill Public School – Chinese
  • Scotts Head Public School – Indonesian
  • Murray Farm Public School – Japanese
  • Campsie Public School – Korean.

Syllabus information

An overview of the pedagogical changes and whole school considerations to support school leaders’ understanding of what has changed for the languages syllabus.

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