About the Nihongo Tanken Centre

The Nihongo Tanken Centre offers an immersion experience in the Japanese language and culture. Visiting students and their teachers participate in a range of activities, practising and developing their language skills.


Each school receives a customised program tailored to students' abilities and prior learning.

The minimum number of students catered for is 15. Schools with groups less than 15 should discuss their individual circumstances with centre staff. The maximum number of students catered for is 28.

The centre also offers a virtual excursion for Year 10 students from NSW public schools located outside the Sydney metropolitan area, and support for Stage 6 students. Visit Nihongo Tanken programs for more information.


The cost of a visit to the centre is:

  • $16 per student for NSW government schools (GST non applicable)
  • $31 per student for non-government and interstate schools (GST inclusive).

The fee covers the cost of morning tea of juice and rice crackers and equipment for activities.


  • All visitors are asked to remove their shoes when entering the centre. Shoes are left at the genkan (Japanese entry area). Bare feet are not permitted.
  • All visitors are provided with slippers to wear on the centre’s wooden floors.
  • Visitors are asked to remove their slippers when entering the tatami room. Socks or stockings are to be worn on the tatami.
  • All visitors are asked to take care when passing the paper screens. These screens are very fragile and can be easily torn.
  • Eating and drinking are only permitted in the designated lunch areas.
  • Chewing gum and smoking are not permitted at any time.

Visiting teachers

Teachers accompanying their students to the Nihongo Tanken Centre are expected to participate as staff members in the day's program. Their involvement in the program will assist in:

  • motivating the active participation of the students
  • encouraging students during a day in which only Japanese is spoken
  • supervising students during activities and during lunch and morning tea breaks
  • ensuring that students do not enter the white pebbled area of the garden
  • ensuring students understand and follow the rules of the centre
  • ensuring students do not litter any areas of the centre including the Japanese garden.

At all times, the accompanying teacher/s will be responsible for the behaviour and discipline of their students at the centre. To ensure that students are able to participate fully in the program, any disruptive students will be referred to their teacher. The participating school accepts responsibility for damage caused by any irresponsible behaviour.

What to bring

Please bring:

  • lunch (if required)
  • a drink
  • socks or stockings to wear inside the centre.
We provide morning tea. Students with special dietary requirements are asked to bring their own morning tea.

Lunch options

Obentoo (lunch packs) $12.00 per person. A minimum number of 15 obentoo is preferred – please contact the centre if you require less than 15. Alternatively, students may bring their own lunch.

Getting there

The Nihongo Tanken Centre is a 15-20 minute walk from Kirrawee Station.


The Nihongo Tanken Centre features a Japanese-style room, a classroom and a Japanese garden.

Image: Japanese-style room

The interior includes many Japanese elements including a genkan and a large tatami room with tokonoma and shooji screens, made by Japanese craftsmen. The garden was created by a professional Japanese gardener.

Image: Kimono
Image: Japanese garden at the centre


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