Support materials

The following support materials will assist schools to comply with the Religious Education Policy and Special Education in Ethics Policy.

Principals will find the following checklists useful when implementing Special religious education (SRE) or Special education in ethics (SEE) or considering voluntary school activities of a religious nature.

Sample letters

The following sample letters are available to schools to assist with the formation of Special religious education (SRE) and Special education in ethics (SEE).

Purpose Sample letter
To inform parents about the SRE and SEE programs offered at their school

SRE and SEE participation letter (DOC 37KB)

Translated documents:
SRE and SEE participation letter with SEE option
SRE and SEE participation letter without SEE option

To advise parents when a new SRE program is made available (only for students who do not currently attend SRE/SEE) New SRE class available (DOC 36KB)
To inform parents about a new SEE program (only for students who do not currently attend SRE) New SEE class available (DOC 46KB)
To advise when an SRE/SEE program is no longer available SRE/SEE class removed (DOC 47KB)

To advise schools of provider information before SRE and SEE begins (optional - for provider use only)

See screening document requirements for more information (staff only)

Authorisation letter - single provider(DOCX 44KB)

Authorisation letter - combined arrangement (DOCX 47KB)


Principals who have received complaints concerning alleged teaching inefficiency or inappropriate lesson content take appropriate steps and notify the representative of the approved provider that authorised the teacher. If a principal receives allegations of improper behaviour or other complaints of a serious nature it is managed in accordance with the Department's policies and procedures. The principal must refer allegations of a child protection nature to the Department's Employee Performance and Conduct Directorate.

Further information can be found on the Complaints Handling Policy website.


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