Literacy and numeracy priorities

Literacy and numeracy form the foundations students need for deep learning across the curriculum and the development of skills essential to everyday life. 

From 2022, a focus on five priorities for improving literacy and numeracy will ensure all NSW public schools have access to the support they need to give students every opportunity to achieve their best. 

The five priorities for improving literacy and numeracy which are based on strong evidence and research, identify the most important levers to improve student outcomes. 

  • There is a whole school and system approach to literacy and numeracy achievement from preschool to Year 12. 

  • School leadership is focussed on improving student literacy and numeracy. 

  • All teachers use effective practices to improve student literacy and numeracy outcomes through curriculum. 

  • Schools and systems use data to inform literacy and numeracy improvement. 

  • Families are supported as partners in their children’s literacy and numeracy development. 

 The five priorities build on the department’s previous NSW Literacy and Numeracy Strategy and ensure literacy and numeracy are understood as integral to effective curriculum delivery and improved learning outcomes. 

NSW public schools will be supported through specialist roles in primary and secondary literacy and numeracy who will deliver professional learning and expert guidance. These roles will provide another layer of support for schools to implement new curriculum being introduced from 2022.  

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