Transition to Year 7 assessment

About the assessment

The Transition to Year 7 assessment replaces Best Start Year 7 from 2023.

The optional assessment is for individual students who did not complete Year 6 Check-in assessments in Terms 3 and 4 in the previous year.

There are two assessments:

  • literacy
  • numeracy

Each assessment is designed to be quick to administer, consisting of 40 multiple choice questions.

Student assessment feedback is available to teachers through Scout shortly after each assessment is submitted.

2023 assessment window

  • Term 1 (Week 3 to Week 11).

Schools have the flexibility to schedule and complete each assessment anytime during the assessment window to suit school and timetabling needs.

How do department schools participate?

Technical requirements

The Transition to Year 7 assessment can be administered on the following devices; laptop, desktop PC, Chromebook, Android tablet and iPad (not iPad mini).

Headphones or earphones are required as audio files are available for various aspects of the assessments.

No locked down browser is required to administer the assessment.

More information

Department schools


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Business Unit:

  • Learning Improvement
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