Phonological awareness diagnostic assessment resources

'How to' preparation video

This short preparation video 'How to navigate the online assessment' helps teachers familiarise themselves with the online tool (staff only).

Assessment guide

The Phonological awareness diagnostic assessment guide (PDF 608KB) | assists teachers to administer the phonological awareness diagnostic assessment (staff only).

PDF version of the assessment

The PDF version of the assessment (PDF 698KB) is available for teachers to familiarise and practise delivery of the questions (staff only).

Student materials

The Phonological awareness diagnostic assessment student materials (PDF 2895KB) may be used to support delivery of the assessment (staff only).

Online tool

Teachers administer the assessment using the online tool for entering student responses. The online tool is available via ALAN.

Fact sheet

The Phonological Awareness Diagnostic Assessment information for schools (PDF 256KB) (staff only) outlines key information on the assessment for schools.


Visit Phonological awareness diagnostic assessment for information on the purpose of the assessment.

Visit Phonological awareness for teaching resources to use in the classroom.

Effective reading: Phonological awareness (eLearning) explores the practical application of the evidence-based teaching of reading.

Visit Literacy and numeracy Professional learning for more opportunities in the practical application of evidence-based teaching of reading.


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