Short assessments

Quick quizzes are one type of short assessment that can support monitoring and feedback of student literacy and numeracy skills in a learning from home environment.


These short assessments can be used to provide teachers with feedback on student progress.

They are mapped to NSW syllabus outcomes from Stage 2 to Stage 5 and Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progression indicators.

Teachers can group together or modify these short assessments to suit the learning needs of their students. They are easy to administer and available as Microsoft Forms, Google Forms, and PDF.

When using Google Forms or Microsoft Forms, the student receives immediate feedback on their answers. Teachers can use this information to inform planning and programming. (Note: Microsoft Forms does not provide a feedback option for some short response questions).

Tips for using short assessments

Watch this short video to find out how to use short assessments

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Reading short assessments

Questions related to a stimulus text covering reading comprehension, reading processes and vocabulary.

Language conventions short assessments

Specific assessments of grammar, punctuation and spelling are included, as well as combinations of these language features

Note: Some ‘spelling only’ quizzes ask students to type the incorrect word in the text correctly. Microsoft Forms does not provide a feedback option for this type of short response question.

Numeracy short assessments

Questions include opportunities for students to focus on the strategies used, as well as follow up tips for teachers.

Watch the Numeracy quiz features video.

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