Check-in assessment

What is the Check-in assessment?

The Check-in assessment is an optional online reading and numeracy assessment for students in Years 3, 5 and 9.

The check-in assessments are available to schools as follows:

  • Year 5 and 9 students: Term 3, Weeks 5 to 7 (17 August to 4 September 2020)
  • Year 3 students: Term 3, Week 10 to Term 4 Week 2 (21 September to 23 October 2020

The Check-in assessment can supplement existing school practices to identify how students are performing in literacy and numeracy and to help teachers tailor their teaching more specifically to student needs.

The assessments are mapped to the NSW Syllabuses and National Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions.

Watch our short video for more information about the assessment (staff only).

The assessment

The Check-in assessment includes two online assessments for students:

  • reading assessment
  • numeracy assessment

Each assessment is designed to be quick and easy to administer, consisting of approximately 40 multiple choice questions.

Schools that opt in to use the check-in assessment have the flexibility to schedule the assessment to best suit their school and student needs during the assessment window.

The check-in assessments provide feedback soon after the completion of the assessment.

Feedback from the check-in assessments, including links to teaching strategies are available in Scout. Student assessment information is also mapped against the learning progressions and can be accessed in PLAN2.

Information session

Professional learning

The check-in assessment package is supported with resources and professional learning to assist schools to administer the assessments, analyse assessment feedback and plan for teaching. This includes:

  • a range of online professional learning, available during Term 3 2020
  • a user-guide for school Check-in assessment coordinators and administrators, containing information and instructions on how to prepare for and administer the assessment
  • strategies to identify areas to focus attention
  • teaching strategies to address these areas

How can schools opt in?

Opt in for the Check-in assessment is now closed.

Technical requirements

The Check-in assessment can be administered on the following devices; laptop, desktop PC, Chromebook, Android tablet and iPad (not iPad mini).

Headphones or earphones are required as audio files are available for various aspects of the assessments.

No locked down browser is required to administer the Check-in assessment.

Technical specifications for devices are available for download in the resources section below


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