Supporting the HSC minimum standard

This professional learning is designed to strengthen teacher understanding of the skills required to achieve the HSC minimum standard in reading, writing and numeracy. It features approaches to planning, programming, teaching, learning, monitoring and assessment.

It will support teachers and leaders to:

  • learn about the key features and components of the HSC minimum standard online tests

  • explore the significance of student readiness and the support available to help students achieve the HSC minimum standard

  • analyse and use data to understand school priorities around the HSC minimum standard

  • access and use resources available to schools to support students to achieve the HSC minimum standard

  • receive guidance on literacy and numeracy strategies that can be used across the curriculum to support teachers in differentiating literacy and numeracy instruction based on student needs.

  • explore the various roles and responsibilities associated with the HSC minimum standard.

Who should participate?

Secondary teachers

Mode of delivery

Online via Microsoft Teams


This course includes six self-paced modules and reflection activities.

Module 1 – HSC minimum standard background information (20 mins)

Module 2- Supporting diverse learning paths (20 mins)

Module 3- Supporting wellbeing and readiness (20 mins)

Module 4- Department support for the HSC minimum standard (30 mins)

Module 5- Informing practice to support the HSC minimum standard (30 mins), plus:

  • The testing domain – Reading (1 hour)

  • The testing domain – Writing (1 hour)

  • The testing domain – Numeracy (1 hour)

Module 6 – The role of the HSC minimum standard coordinator (1 hour)

Register for ‘Supporting the HSC minimum standard’ via MyPL (Course code NR35311)


If you have any questions, contact us via the HSC minimum standard channel in the Literacy and Numeracy Statewide Staffrooms or email


  • Program support

Business Unit:

  • Educational Standards
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