Focus on vocabulary


This professional learning will support Year 3-8 teachers to explore the importance of vocabulary knowledge for reading comprehension. Participants will explore how to plan for explicit vocabulary instruction across all curriculum areas and how to establish a culture that supports word conscious learners. Resources for teaching, consolidating, differentiating and assessing vocabulary instruction are explored.

Who should participate?

The modules are designed for Year 3-8 teachers.

Mode of delivery

To be advised (available in 2021)


Session 1: Why is vocabulary critical for reading instruction?

Session 2: How do we make decisions about vocabulary instruction?

Session 3: How do we develop confident vocabulary learners?

Session 4 What does explicit vocabulary instruction look like in the classroom?

Completing this course will help you to:

  • explore the critical nature of vocabulary for reading comprehension
  • examine the complex nature of vocabulary development
  • develop an understanding of the tier framework for considering vocabulary words
  • use the teaching and learning cycle to frame decisions about vocabulary teaching and learning
  • investigate how the National Literacy Learning Progression supports making decisions about student learning
  • gain an understanding of how to develop ‘word conscious’ vocabulary learners
  • understand the role of context clues, morphology and figurative language in learning new vocabulary
  • develop a deeper understanding of how vocabulary can be explicitly taught in the classroom
  • refine and further develop knowledge of teaching strategies that build and extend students’ vocabulary.

Registrations for Focus on vocabulary open in 2021.

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