Applying decimals across the curriculum


This professional learning assists teachers to support students in meeting the decimal learning demands across the curriculum.

Who should participate?

Year 3 to Year 8 teachers

Note: This professional learning features decimal learning in the context of the NSW Mathematics K-10, Geography K-10, Science 7-10 and Drama 7-10 syllabuses.

Mode of delivery



Completing this eLearning will help teachers to:

  • understand the learning progression for decimals as described in the National Numeracy Learning Progression
  • see decimal place value and operating with decimals as useful in supporting students to access syllabus outcomes across all learning areas
  • understand common misconceptions related to decimal place value and operating with decimals
  • implement strategies to support students' proficiency in operating with decimals across the curriculum.

Register for ‘Applying decimals across the curriculum' via MyPL (Course code NRG05320)

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