PLAN2: How to - technical guide to using PLAN2

This professional learning is being updated to reflect upcoming changes to PLAN2 in 2023.

The PLAN2 online tool is being refreshed with Version 3 of the National Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions, the new NSW K-2 syllabuses and an updated observation scale. See the PLAN2 web page for details.


Designed to assist teachers and school leaders in building their understanding and confidence in the use of PLAN2

Who should participate?

K-10 teachers and school leaders.

Mode of delivery

  • eLearning


This online course focuses on the technical aspects of the PLAN2 tool. The course will help build understanding and confidence in the use and application of PLAN2. Interactive tasks, incorporating the use of the PLAN2 training environment will guide participants through familiarisation and navigation activities.

Completing this professional learning will help you to:

  • record observations of students’ literacy and numeracy capabilities identified using the progressions
  • plan for explicit teaching to support student development and focus on student need
  • analyse and use progression information in PLAN2 to help identify patterns and teaching priorities, evaluate what works best, and strengthen practice in response.
The course consists of four modules. Each module contains multiple lessons covering the different aspects of PLAN2 and has been developed to support teachers in monitoring, assessing and recording observations of students' literacy and numeracy learning in PLAN2.

PLAN2: How to eLearning – a technical guide to using PLAN2 will be available in MyPL in 2023.

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