About curriculum networks

Within a curriculum network, educational practitioners come together to work collaboratively. They learn together to develop curriculum expertise to achieve improved learning for students.

A curriculum network provides a collaborative and supportive environment to:

  • share and discuss high-quality, evidence-based teacher practice
  • disseminate teaching and learning resources for analysis and trial to determine best practice
  • encourage the development of curriculum leadership and capacity building
  • strengthen collective efficacy and consistent teacher judgement for the purposes of assessment
  • drive quality professional learning and evidence-based practice, for learning improvement and consistent educational standards.

Curriculum networks operate within and across NSW in a wide range of configurations and across multiple contexts. Networks sometimes arise to support the local implementation of a new syllabus and may operate for a limited duration. Other networks operate on a more sustained, self-managed model with ongoing collaboration and communication between participants.

This website aims to promote curriculum networks for NSW public school teachers so that all have the capacity to know, establish, lead and learn through collaboration and sharing.

NSW Curriculum reform

Stay in touch with the latest news about NSW Curriculum reform on the department’s website.


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