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Gaining proficient accreditation is the fourth phase of induction, when the beginning teacher is confident that their practice is demonstrating the knowledge, skills and practices described at the proficient teacher career stage.  At this point, the beginning teacher and supervisor can finalise the accreditation process.

Image: This phase consolidates beginning teachers practice at the proficient teacher career stage so they can confidently submit evidence to their principal the teacher accreditation authority, to achieve their accreditation.

During the first 3 phases of induction the planning, reflection and action undertaken by the beginning teacher will support and contribute to the last phase of gaining proficient accreditation.

Whether it be reflecting on the standards at the proficient teacher career stage, drilling down and refining their teaching practice or trailing new strategies with students all of these actions will contribute to a teacher gaining accreditation.

Finalising accreditation

There are a series of Critical actions the beginning teacher and the supervisor need to complete at this stage of induction.

When the beginning teacher is looking to finalise their accreditation it is useful to:

  • refer back to the standards and standard descriptors at proficient teacher
  • check and confirm what a proficient teacher looks like by referring to:

For information on how to gain accreditation refer to the snapshot table - Snapshot: requirements for gaining accreditation. It outlines accurate, easily accessible policy facts about timelines, evidence and requirements for gaining accreditation.

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