Personal induction planner

The Strong start great teachers (SSGT) personal induction planner (PIP) is a resource for beginning teachers. It's a way to record what is happening during induction and can be used in many ways.

The personal induction planner can be used to plan and record ongoing processes, reflect on experiences, celebrate successes and consider any emerging needs and challenges.

Open the following planner, print it out, and use it to record your ongoing and emerging needs, and to reflect on your induction processes as a beginning teacher.

Personal induction planner

The planner has a table for recording information during:

  • Initial contact
  • Initial visit
  • First weeks and first term
  • Gaining confidence.

Each table has 2 columns:

  • the first column is to record the ways you plan to move forward in your induction
  • the second column is to record any challenges you face and any specific support you might need.

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