Quality Teaching Rounds

What are Quality Teaching Rounds?

Quality Teaching Rounds (QTR) involve teachers learning together at school or online.

Teachers work collaboratively in small Professional Learning Communities (PLC) observing each other teach on a rotating basis and discuss and analyse their observations.

Research has found QTR build significant improvements in the quality of teaching and have positive impacts on teacher morale and school culture, with encouragement and recognition of teachers' good work.

Many teachers do not have the opportunity to watch their colleagues in action, teaching the same subjects and QTR gives that opportunity leading to powerful conversations about teaching practice

As little as four half-days of a single set of QTR, typically carried out over one school term, has been shown to produce notable gains. Such striking effects on the quality of teaching overall have rarely been reported in other studies.

Video – How Quality Teaching Rounds changed my teaching life

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There are two ways to undertake QTR - either as part of the school experience or online.

Quality Teaching Rounds - school experience

QTR involves four or more teachers working together to observe and analyse lessons in each other’s classroom. As teachers observe and discuss teaching they become more aware of their strengths and what they can improve to help their students learn.

Over one day teachers will:

  • discuss teaching based on a reading proposed by one of the group
  • sit in on a lesson taught by one member of the group to observe and analyse the quality of teaching
  • independently ‘code’ the lesson in line with  the Quality Teaching model
  • re-group to discuss the lesson, and teaching in general.

Quality Teaching Rounds - online

Quality Teaching Rounds - online give teachers in smaller schools and rural and remote areas the opportunity to join together in a Professional Learning Community.

The Quality Teaching Online website has been developed through a partnership between the University of Newcastle and the NSW Department of Education to support school-based professional development. Quality Teaching Rounds brings together the strengths of professional learning communities, instructional rounds and the Quality Teaching (QT) model.

There are currently opportunities for 168 teachers to participate in a funded study called QTR Digital. If you would like to take part in QTR Digital contact allan.booth@det.nsw.edu.au.

Lee-Anne Collins ‘Quality teaching in our schools’, Scan, vol 36, 2017.

The home page of the Quality Teaching Online web app

Quality Teaching Rounds - workshops

Professional development workshops for Quality Teaching Rounds are available to all NSW government schools as part of the Building Capacity for Quality Teaching in Australian Schools project. The 2020 workshop schedule will soon be announced.

The NSW Department of Education strongly endorses participation in Quality Teaching Rounds as an approach to teacher professional learning with a rigorous evidence base.

These intensive two-day workshops:

  • will prepare school leaders and teachers for implementing Quality Teaching Rounds
  • are designed for schools and/or teachers new to Quality Teaching Rounds
  • are registered with NESA as a Teacher Professional Learning Course (12 hours at Proficient level)

The workshop includes the following sessions:

  • From Quality Teaching to Quality Teaching Rounds: Research background
  • The Quality Teaching model
  • Essential features of Quality Teaching Rounds
  • Practicalities of conducting Quality Teaching Rounds
  • Diagnosing classroom practice through Quality Teaching Rounds
  • Preparing for Quality Teaching Rounds at your school


As part of the project, the workshop fee of $500 per participant is waived for two people per government school. In addition each school that attends is eligible for up to $2000 in funding to contribute to casual relief. Schools should make enquiries to Allan Booth regarding this funding at allan.booth@det.nsw.edu.au

It is recommended that two teachers who are committed to participating in Quality Teaching Rounds attend the training; ideally, one person should have some decision-making authority in the school. Full participation in both days of the workshop is required (9am-3pm). Additional participants are welcome and the workshop fee will apply. To register for these professional development workshops, please go to:

Additional information can be found by contacting the University at QTRPD@newcastle.edu.au or Allan Booth, NSW Department of Education Director QTR Project, at allan.booth@det.nsw.edu.au

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