TSA - Implementing quality lessons

Practical strategies and techniques to help teachers implement quality lessons.

This course will count towards Teacher Identified Professional Development (PD) hours (known as Elective PD under NESA’s new Accreditation of PD Courses Policy).


According to implementation expert, Sir Michael Barber, effective implementation vitalises learning: it withstands fatigue, and above all, it closes the gaps in achievement that many students face. To help teachers positively impact on student outcomes, this practical course focuses on implementation. By undertaking it, teachers will expand their repertoire of practical strategies and techniques that will help them implement quality lessons throughout their teaching career.

There are four parts to this course. Various tasks require the teacher to apply what they have learnt in their school context as part of the course..


Teachers will learn to:

  • scaffold learning using the Modelled, Guided and Independent Teaching model
  • use differentiation to target individual student needs
  • break learning into manageable parts by chunking and sequencing lesson content
  • manage behaviour using pacing, timing and transitions
  • find out what students know through effective questioning techniques, multi-student response systems and peer assessment
  • give feedback that can be used by students to improve performance.

Teaching practices

The following teaching practices are addressed in this course:

  • using effective teaching strategies
  • assessing learning and giving feedback
  • planning, structuring and sequencing lessons
  • evaluate teaching and learning.


  • Primary School
  • High School
  • EAL/D Teacher

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