TSA – Coaching for classroom change

Build knowledge and skills in coaching to support colleagues' teaching practice.

This course will count towards Teacher Identified Professional Development (PD) hours (known as Elective PD under NESA’s new Accreditation of PD Courses Policy).


When it comes to integrating new approaches into a teacher's practice, a one-off workshop is not enough. In implementing change deeply, highly skilled practitioners understand that coaching plays a decisive role. This course aims to put teachers into this position to spread their effectiveness throughout their context. It gives teachers the knowledge and skills that will help them to implement significant change and make it last.

There are four parts to this course. Various tasks require the teacher to apply what they have learnt in their school context as part of the course.


Teachers will learn to:

  • understand the significant influence that coaching has in supporting their colleagues' teaching practice in meaningful, lasting ways
  • make the crucial distinction between experienced and expert teaching practice
  • use the principles and techniques of coaching to fully integrate expert teaching approaches into their colleagues' practice
  • use differentiation to cater for individual teacher expertise and learning needs
  • use the Concerns Based Adoption Model to allay the concerns their colleagues may associate with reform
  • project manage the implementation of coaching through planning and risk management.

Teaching practices

The following teaching practices are addressed in this course:

  • collaborating with colleagues..


  • School Leader

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