TSA - Designing quality lessons

Improve teachers’ impact on student progress by taking practical steps to create a quality lesson.

This course will count towards Teacher Identified Professional Development (PD) hours (known as Elective PD under NESA’s new Accreditation of PD Courses Policy).


From behaviour management to the learning strategies we use, what goes on inside our classroom goes a long way to improving student outcomes. However, researchers have found that high gain teachers shift much of the work of teaching outside the classroom. That is, before they teach, they plan. This course seeks to improve teachers’ impact on student progress by taking them through the practical steps needed to create a quality lesson.

There are four parts to this course. Various tasks require the teacher to apply what they have learnt in their school context as part of the course..


Teachers will learn to:

  • use the NSW Quality Teaching model to guide the design of lessons and assessments
  • use different lesson structures to achieve different educational purposes
  • make learning explicit using learning intentions, success criteria and rubrics
  • space practice within lessons by chunking the central idea
  • use questioning, multi-student response systems and peer assessment to inform them of what their students need to learn next
  • provide quality feedback to move student learning forward.

Teaching practices

The following teaching practices are addressed in this course:

  • using effective teaching strategies
  • assessing learning and giving feedback
  • planning, structuring and sequencing lessons
  • evaluate teaching and learning.


  • Primary School
  • High School
  • Pre-School
  • EAL/D Teacher

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