Professional learning for non-teaching staff

In 2019, a statewide team has been established to support the professional learning of all non-teaching staff members, and the way this professional learning is provided has been changed.

For many years, professional learning has been provided by SAS staff Reference Groups (SRGs).

To support the professional learning of a wider range of non-teaching staff, the responsibility for professional learning is being transitioned to the newly-established, statewide Professional Learning for Non-Teaching Staff (PLNTS) team. This is an interim model. Once the revised policy for professional learning is released later this year, a consultative process will determine the most appropriate model of support for non-teaching staff in our schools.

Until then, the PLNTS team will be responsible for providing quality professional learning that is timely, equitable and accessible for non-teaching staff across NSW.

About non-teaching staff

Non-teaching staff members make an important contribution to student progress and achievement by supporting principals, students and teachers, and maintaining positive relationships with parents and the wider community.

Non-teaching staff members in our schools include:

What professional learning is available?

Please visit our course catalogue to see the range of professional learning available for non-teaching staff in your area.

How is professional learning delivered?

Our new state-wide Professional Learning for Non-Teaching Staff (PLNTS) team designs, develops and facilitates professional learning for non-teaching staff.

The PLNTS team will work closely with all key stakeholders, including former SRG members. Members of role-specific working groups across NSW will use their experience and networks to contribute to the development, communication and evaluation of professional learning.

To understand how the PLNTS team is structured and works with key stakeholder groups, please see the governance structure.


In addition to face-to-face and online professional development opportunities, resources including e-learning and PowerPoint sessions are available to support the professional development of non-teaching staff.

Further information

For more information, please contact the PLNTS team at

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