Professional Learning Non-Teaching Staff

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About Professional Learning Non-Teaching Staff

The Professional Learning Non-Teaching Staff (PLNTS) team design, develop and deliver professional learning for schools.

About school-based non-teaching staff

School-based non-teaching staff members make an important contribution to student progress and achievement.

Course catalogue for non-teaching staff

On demand professional learning for school based non-teaching staff.

PLNTS Working Groups

Professional learning for non-teaching staff is supported by seven state-wide, role-specific working groups.

Enhancing Capacity Program

Find out more about the Professional Learning Non-Teaching Staff (PLNTS) Enhancing Capacity Program.

Leadership and development programs

This is a 20 week program designed to introduce initial leadership and role classification information.

Excellence in School Administration

Excellence in School Administration (ESA) supports a culture of continuous school improvement.

Support and resources

In this section, you will find useful information such as tailored learning plans, disability support-related information, and other resources to assist you.

Latest updates

Role-specific learning plans

Newly released role-specific learning plans are now available to support your performance and development.

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