Professional learning for non-teaching staff

The Professional Learning Non-Teaching Staff (PLNTS) team design, develop and deliver professional learning for schools to create a future of excellence in service, high functioning teams, and best practice that supports students, schools, principals, parents/caregivers and the community.

About non-teaching staff

School based non-teaching staff members make an important contribution to student progress and achievement by supporting principals, students and teachers, and maintaining positive relationships with parents/caregivers and the wider community.

Non-teaching staff members in our schools include:

  • Aboriginal Education Officers
  • Business Managers
  • Community Liaison Officers
  • Farm Assistants
  • General Assistants
  • School Administration Managers
  • School Administration Officers
  • School Learning Support Officers

What professional learning is available?

Please find links through to documents outlining the following:

Term 3, 2020 School Development Day

The term 3 professional learning offerings is now available to enrol in via MyPL. We are not yet able to offer face to face conferences or events. The team have planned a full agenda delivered to you as virtual live sessions. We look forward to any feedback you would like to provide.

On demand professional learning available anytime

Other online professional learning

A range of links to other relevant learning that you may find of interest.

This information is also available on the Learning from home website.

We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues and participate in as many of these professional learning offerings as possible.

Should you have any further questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us via

Face to Face

In the current environment we recognise the challenges that all staff face in adapting to significant changes in the way teaching and learning occurs. This includes the way in which we undertake professional learning and the method in which it is delivered.

As we manage return to school and the restrictions still place due to COVID-19 face to face professional learning will not be available until we have been advised its safe to do so.

Please visit our course catalogue to see the range of professional learning available, including live scheduled interactive and recorded sessions for school based non-teaching staff in your area.

Online self-paced e-learning

Please see our range of e-learning and PowerPoint sessions available.

Coach and Mentor Program

Find out more about the Professional Learning Non-Teaching Staff (PLNTS) Coach and Mentor Program

If you have any questions please contact us at

Success stories

Find out how the PLNTS team is making an impact on school based non-teaching staff.

How is professional learning designed?

Professional learning is designed, developed and facilitated for non-teaching staff utilising the Excellence in School Administration Framework (PDF 112KB) and the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework in consultation with key stakeholders, including role-specific working groups.

There are seven PLNTS working groups across NSW. Their relevant experience and connection to networks contribute to the development of resources, conference agenda's, communication and evaluation of professional learning.

Further information

For more information, please contact the PLNTS team at

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