Professional learning for non-teaching staff

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About Professional Learning Non-Teaching Staff

The Professional Learning Non-Teaching Staff (PLNTS) team design, develop and deliver professional learning for schools.

Professional learning programs

Information about professional learning programs to support non-teaching staff in schools achieve their performance and development goals, including termly live schedule of courses.

Support and resources

In this section, you will find useful information such as tailored learning plans, disability support-related information, and other resources to assist you.

PLNTS Working Groups

Professional learning for non-teaching staff is supported by seven state-wide, role-specific working groups.

Enhancing Capacity Program

A dedicated 20-week professional learning program that supports the non-teaching staff team in a school to improve their capacity to deliver excellence and develop best practice.

Leadership and development programs

Our leadership and development programs support newly-appointed and aspiring school administrative managers and business managers.

Targeted performance support

Providing targeted performance support for non-teaching staff identified as needing professional support and guidance to develop skills aligned to their statement of duties or role description through targeted support learning plans.

Latest updates

We've refreshed our websites!

You might notice some changes around here. We want to make it easier for non-teaching staff and their supervisors to find the resources and guidance you need for the performance and development process, and to identify the right professional learning for your role.

Role-specific learning plans

Newly released role-specific learning plans are now available to support your performance and development.

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