Critical and creative thinking in practice

Improves student achievement by building teacher capacity to embed critical and creative thinking in teaching and learning.


Critical and creative thinking in practice aims to improve student achievement and strengthen teachers’ capacity. The professional learning (PL) is focused on developing teaching, learning and assessment approaches that embed the general capability of critical and creative thinking (CCT) in classrooms activities. This PL will cater for teachers of Primary K-6 and teachers of HSIE, PDHPE, Science and Technology 7-10. Participants in this PL will:

  • Strengthen their critical and creative thinking teaching practice, linked to student learning, using an action research approach
  • Engage in discussions and collaborate with colleagues using high-quality, evidence-informed resources
  • Participate in moderation of student achievement activities using student work samples
  • Become part of an online collaborative community focused on high-quality teaching and learning experiences
Participation in the PL includes a self-directed online module and two days of collaborative online learning. Teachers will access high-quality resources, share teaching practice with colleagues and receive feedback and support from subject experts. They will apply their learning between days 1 and 2, supported by an online community of practice, and evaluate their impact of their work.

The PL designers and facilitators are experienced, high performing teachers from NSW public schools and are supported by Western Sydney University and expert Curriculum Advisors..


  • Primary School
  • High School HSIE
  • High School PDHPE
  • High School Science
  • High School TAS

Day 1


During Day 1, teachers will explore the alignment of CCT to syllabus requirements, teaching, learning and assessment models and consider with subject specific examples of teaching practice. Using an action research approach, they will identify student CCT learning needs, design and adapt classroom activities and share these activities with others for feedback. The CCT online pre-learn activity prepares teachers to use the action research approach and provides the foundations for CCT in curriculum design.

The following sessions are offered in Day 1:

  • Foundations of CCT and alignment to curriculum
  • CCT teaching and learning for improved student learning
  • Designing and testing CCT activities for improved student learning

Day 2


During Day 2, teachers will evaluate their teaching and learning activities to determine the impact on student learning. A range of evidence-based measures will be used to assess students’ progress. Using a collaborative learning approach, teachers will receive feedback to reflect to improve their practice, and consider ways to expand and sustain CCT in their classrooms.

The following sessions are offered in Day 2:

  • Detecting student growth in CCT
  • Evaluating CCT impact
  • Next steps with CCT

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