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Professional experience hub schools

Professional Experience Hub Schools partner with universities to support professional experience for pre-service teachers.

Pre-service teachers

Welcome to the NSW Department of Education. You have made a great choice to experience our schools.

Placements in rural and remote schools

Rural and remote locations offer great lifestyle and teaching opportunities.

Supervising teachers

Supervising teachers perform a critical role in supporting our future teachers.

Professional experience coordinators

Professional experience coordinators support high quality placements for both supervising teachers and pre-service teachers.

Thank you for nominating your University partners.

School that are happy with their current arrangements and choose not to update will continue to work with the same University partners for 2022 - 2024.

Schools supporting flexible professional experience placements in 2022

Advice to schools on managing professional experience for pre-service teachers during mixed online and classroom teaching in 2022

Induction for pre-service teachers

A well structured induction for pre-service teachers sets them up for success during their professional experience placements.

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