Placements in rural and remote schools

Rural and remote locations offer great lifestyle and teaching opportunities and should be top of your list when deciding where to build your teaching career.

You have the opportunity to kickstart your career by completing your final year placement in one of our identified rural and remote public schools in NSW.

Experience the rural lifestyle with another pre-service teacher from your class. Your peers can help you navigate the journey: support each other, share costs, learn together, have fun!

Are you eligible for a rural placement?

The department is currently collaborating with several major universities to offer rural placements to their teacher education students. Check with your university if they are involved in this program. To be eligible you must:

  • be completing your final professional experience placement
  • have a paid Working with Children Check approval number
  • have completed all mandatory departmental Health & Safety training, for example, anaphylaxis, CPAT and e-Safety
  • be committed to the values of public education and be eligible for employment in a NSW Department of Education school at the end of your placement.

Employment in a rural or remote public school

Teachers who work in NSW public schools in rural or remote areas may be eligible for a wide range of great financial incentives and other professional benefits, depending on location.

Visit our Choose rural pages to find out more about the benefits associated with specific rural and remote locations and learn about the areas and schools involved.

Here is a testimonial from a previous participant on about her rural and remote funded professional experience placement:

I wanted to thank you all so much for the opportunity to take my final teaching placement at Yanco Agricultural High School. I had a fantastic experience, learning so much in a good school with welcoming staff and students.

The placement also opened my eyes to the potential of teaching rurally in the future. Prior to this placement, it would have been very hard for me to contemplate leaving the Northern Beaches where I have lived all my life. However, after such a positive experience at Yanco, I would definitely take any opportunities that arise rurally in the future.

I believe this is a wonderful program that you have put together, and I am very grateful for being one of the first students to be a part of it. Thank you!

Completing my final teaching experience in Tamworth

Pre-service teacher Madison speaks about her final teaching experience at Nemingha Public School.

Speaker: Madison Cox, Pre-service teacher

Hi everyone, my name is Mady I'm from the University of Wollongong and I'm currently completing my last semester of uni and doing a bachelor of primary education and I just completed my internship in Tamworth. So I'm just here to answer a few questions for you about doing a rural or remote prac. So where I did my previous prac so my three previous pracs were in the Mungo area so no more than 20 minutes away from where I lived and the opportunity came up to do a prac in Tamworth and I thought, why not? It'd be a great opportunity the department of education organizes everything including the school, accommodation and they also give you an allowance. So you actually get paid to do your internship which is also great. So why I chose to teach in the Tamworth area post uni so basically I am deciding to go back to Tamworth for term four. There are so many teaching opportunities the schools themselves are just lovely and it's just a great opportunity in general how I found my accommodation and how I've made it my home. So the accommodation that was provided was amazing it backs into a farm, it's just a beautiful house and I've organized with the landlord to rent there as well as my roommate who's also from the same uni as me. We're both going back for term four so we organized a rental agreement for term four. So yeah, I'm really happy about that the house is incredible. The country school community, so basically I feel like this is something everyone should experience. It's such a tiny community, the teachers, the families, the kids, everything that admin staff like everyone's just so close and so supportive it's incredible. So after the school gate closes, so basically with COVID social things bit hard at the moment, obviously but at my school, there was four other practice students mostly from different universities as well. So that was great way to get to know people and obviously just know that you're not alone you have other people with you and where I hope to see myself in two years. So in two years time, regardless of location wise I guess I just hope that I'm in a supportive and inclusive school environment and that I'm incorporating things that I learned on my rural prac, because I learn so much just different things that you don't really get to see in schools at home, I guess but for anyone who's on the fence and thinking, Hmm, should I do it, should I not? Honestly, just go for it like it's great experience. However long your prac is just a few weeks of your life, its great honestly, I couldn't recommend it.

Completing my final teaching experience in Narrabri

Pre-service teacher Clare who is on a teach.Rural Scholarship and early career teacher Ellen, speak about their teaching experiences at Narrabri Public School.

Speakers: Ellen John and Clare Bollen, Pre-service teachers

- My name is Ellen John, I'm a classroom teacher, here at Narrabri Public School.

- And I'm Claire Bollen, and I'm currently doing my internship here, at Narrabri public school. So I'm a student at the University of Sydney. I did my Bachelor of Arts, and now I'm doing my Master of Primary Teaching. I did my first teaching prac last year, in the Northern territory in Maningrida. And now I'm doing my second prac and internship combined here at Narrabri.

- I studied in Wagga Wagga at Charles Sturt University. I studied a Bachelor of Primary Education and I did full pracs in country areas. Griffith, Wagga, Claire and here at Narrabri Public School as my internship.

- So I teach rural scholarship holder which means my internship was chosen by the department. And I'm just really lucky that I got placed here at Narrabri.

- When I arrived here for my internship I had a friend who had a spare room so I stayed there for my accommodation and that's how I found a accommodation around town.

- I was lucky I was paired up with a girl who's doing prac at the high school so we just rented a two bedroom apartment through Airbnb and we've just made it our temporary home. We cook together every night and we've just got some candles and plants to make it a bit cozier. It's really nice, it's only five minute walk from school and I love being able to walk not having to drive or catch a train or a bus to school.

- The country life is really rewarding, people are quite friendly, welcoming, willing to share things with you, show you around town. And after the school gate closes, I like to enjoy sport catch up with friends, go out for breakfast and dinners and on Friday afternoon, we like to catch up with staff around at the pub.

- The school community and the wider community have been really supportive and friendly. Everyone's so willing to share things or show us around or give us tips. I've only been here seven weeks and everyone's made it feel like a home, same as El, we get drinks and dinner at the local pubs and then on the weekend I like to go out bush walking or hiking and just seeing everything that's around.

- Teaching is a rewarding profession and I can guarantee that if you choose a country area like we have here in Narrabri you'll have a great time.

Completing my final teaching experience in Broken Hill

Bill an early career teacher at Broken Hill Public School speaks about his final professional experience placement in Broken Hill.

Speaker: Bill Shipway, Pre-service teacher

Good day, my name's Bill, and I went to UTS. I studied the bachelor of education and international studies. I did my proximal over Sydney, mostly in the inner West. I'm in the Western suburbs. I chose the broken Hill area just because I'd heard so many fantastic things about it. And I've always wanted to live I guess a country life growing up in Sydney. How I found my accommodation. Well, I found that through the principal of the school that I did my prac internship. And now that I work, which is Broken Hill Public School or central, as it's known locally. Then after that because I had joined forty clubs, Central Broken Hill Football Club. I made quite a lot of mates. And then one of them offered me a room to stay or him and his partner. So, I stayed there. He's a primary school teacher. Shay is a high school teacher just recently moved in with my partner who I met out here. Also who came from Newcastle. The country school community is absolutely fantastic. I love it. You see your kids everywhere you go. You find yourself shoveling dirt, and you find yourself doing the extras around the school. But your lifestyle here is such, he'll say, yeah. I'm not complaining about that. Outside of the school Gates, I play 40 Go Camping, join sorts of different classes. You find yourself learning new skills all the time going forward with driving, stuff like that which I've never done, going hunting, stuff like that. Yeah. I love it. There is so many opportunities. You don't have to be a sporty person. You can be an artist, and you can- you can do all sorts of things. Yeah. I love it.

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