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We support research in the area of professional experience for teacher education. Professional Experience Hubs and their university partners work together to explore areas of research that build knowledge of effective professional experience.

Some of our research projects include:

Work-Integrated Learning Case Studies in Teacher Education Epistemic Reflexivity Springer 2023 Editors: Matthew Winslade, Tony Loughland, Michelle J. Eady

Working with academic colleagues, teachers in the department’s Professional Experience Hubs published case studies of their professional experience practice. The book shows the importance of the rich, reciprocal partnerships in place between initial teacher education and our schools, sharing the experiences of these partnerships across initial teacher education providers to encourage practices that advance quality teacher preparation.

Examining the Role of the School Professional Experience Coordinator in the NSW Department of Education’s Professional Experience Hub School Program 2021

Associate Professor Tony Loughland, Dr Jennifer Barr UNSW, Guy de Villiers UNSW,Dr Matt Winslade CSU, Associate Professor Michelle Eady UoW Associate Professor Iain Hay MQ Associate Professor Fay Hadley MQ, Jacqueline Humphries WSU, Nicole Hart USYD, Associate Professor Wayne Cotton USYD, Professor Boris Handal NDU, Sarah James SCU, Dr Robert Whannel UNE, Chrissy Monteleone ACU, Dr Deb Donnelly UoN

There is strong evidence from this study that the Professional Experience Coordinator plays a significant role in the generation of a professional learning culture that enhances the status of professional experience in their schools. They achieve this by increasing the number of teachers willing to supervise a Pre-Service Teacher and improving the standard of their supervision thus reducing the historical variance in the quality of supervision on professional experience. This study also identifies the strategies that all stakeholders in professional experience could develop to enhance the quality of this important aspect of Initial Teacher Education in the future. These key strategies are improved clarity in the roles and responsibilities, documentation, processes and accountabilities for all stakeholders in professional experience and for the Professional Experience Coordinator to play a greater role in the program planning and delivery of Initial Teacher Education courses.

Mentoring video website

A joint research project by the NSW Council of Deans of Education and the Department of Education developed a number of videos and resources which demonstrate pre-service teachers working towards the Australian Professional Standards at Graduate level and teaching at the level of the Graduate Standards.

These are intended to be used in a developmental growth model that focuses on the mentoring steps supervising teachers could take to help the teacher education student move to the next level. They are all available on the NSW Council of Deans of Education website


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