Pre-service teachers

Our schools are great places to work

As a pre-service teacher, you may be considering your options for future employment. Find out more about what a career with the NSW Department of Education can offer by visiting the 'Why work at education' page.

Our schools are all unique

Some pre-service teachers are surprised to learn that the NSW Department of Education meets the needs of our students in a range of different types of schools across the state. Our schools include:

  • Preschools
  • Primary Schools
  • High Schools
  • Schools for Specific Purposes
  • Central Schools
  • Environmental Education Centres
  • Hospital Schools
  • Distance Education Centres
  • Intensive English Centres
  • Secondary Colleges
  • Connected Community Schools
  • Virtual Selective High School.

At teach.NSW you will find further information about the varied opportunities for different types of teachers.


Teacher education scholarships support students, including Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples, to graduate as teachers for NSW government schools in specified areas. Scholarships targeting pre-service teachers include the Public Education Foundation Scholarships and Scholarships for prospective teachers.

Go to teach.NSW to find out more about teacher education scholarships.

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