Mandatory pre-requisites for pre-service teachers

To be eligible to complete a professional experience placement in a NSW public school you must:

  • complete the following requirements
  • ensure that the completion dates of the Child Protection Update training module and Anaphylaxis e-training course are current
  • present the certificates for completed mandatory training and your signed Pre-service teacher acknowledgement to the school prior to or on the first day of your professional experience placement.

1: Working with Children Check Verification and Placement Registration for Pre-service Teachers

In addition to completing a Working with Children Check (WWCC), you must also have your WWCC verified by the Department of Education before your first placement.

To have your WWCC verified by the Department you must:

  1. Complete the online Pre-service Teacher Registration Form *
  2. Verify your registration submission by clicking ‘confirm’ on the email received within 2 hours of submitting the online form.

Note: You will receive an email confirmation once your WWCC has been verified by the Probity Unit.

*If you have already completed the ‘Tertiary Practicum Student Application Form’ (TPSAF), there is no need to complete the Pre-service Teacher (PST) Registration Form. If you are a current employee of the department, and have not previously completed the TPSAF, please complete the new PST Registration Form.

You will also need to present photo ID on your first day of placement.

If you are a pre-service teacher completing an internship you require a paid WWCC (number will end in an E). A factsheet is available for further information

2: Child Protection Awareness Training (CPAT)

This induction training only needs to be completed once. A certificate is provided on completion of this training. To access this training:
  1. Log into the Staff Portal from
  2. Scroll down to MyPL on right hand side of page and select.
  3. Search for “Child Protection Awareness”
  4. Select the relevant training module.

3: Mandatory Child Protection Training

Once CPAT has been completed, the Child Protection Update is to be completed annually.

To access this training, follow the steps in 2: above and search for “Child Protection Update” (for the current year)

4: ASCIA-Anaphylaxis e-training course

A certificate is provided on completion of the training. This certificate will be validated at the school once the pre-service teacher demonstrates the correct use of a trainer EpiPen. This training needs to be completed every two years.

5: Code of Conduct

Read and acknowledge agreement to abide by the Code of Conduct on the Pre-service teacher acknowledgement.

6. Vaccination guidelines


  • Mandatory training
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