Teaching Performance Assessment

These protocols are to be used by final year pre-service teachers if they need to use videorecording in the classroom as part of the evidence for their Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA).

Protocols for pre-service teachers using video in schools

The TPA assesses the practical skills and knowledge of pre-service teachers in their final semester. It is a mandatory national requirement for graduation. It asks pre-service teachers to collect forms of evidence to demonstrate the impact of their teaching. There are different models of the TPA across the 16 NSW initial teacher education providers. Most providers don’t require video recorded evidence.

The protocols cover the cybersecurity issues involved in capturing and storing images of students in videos, and the efficacy of the permission notes to properly reflect the Department’s obligations under the Personal and Privacy Information Protection Act 1998 (PPIP Act).

Permission for pre-service teachers (PSTs) to video in the classroom is an agreement between the parent/carer and the initial teacher education provider. The Department of Education (DoE) is facilitating this permission process.


1. Protocols apply to all videoing in schools for the purpose of university assessments
2. Principal maintains final approval as to whether they will allow videoing in their school
3. Videos not to be used in lieu of university supervision visits in schools.


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