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Leader, Secondary Curriculum
Dionissia Tsirigos
02 7814 3293

Leader, Curriculum Stakeholder Engagement
Renee West
02 7814 2764

Leader, Humanities
Cathryn Horvat
02 7814 2150

Leader, STEM
Dan Rytmeister
02 7814 2774

Animal welfare

Animal Welfare Coordinator
Sally Bannerman
02 7814 2631

Creative arts

Creative Arts Coordinator
Jane McDavitt


English Coordinator
Jacquie McWilliam

Human society and its environment (HSIE)

HSIE Coordinator
Cimen Fevzi

Languages and Culture

Coordinator, Languages and Culture
Elisabeth Robertson
02 7814 3023


Mathematics Coordinator
Meagan Rodda

Personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE)

PDHPE Coordinator
Matt Fryer


Science Coordinator
Sham Nair
02 7814 3379

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)

STEM Enrichment Coordinator
Scott Sleap

Teaching and learning

Teaching and Learning Coordinators
Jarrad Cox and Kate Thompson

Technological and applied studies (TAS)

TAS Coordinator
Alexander Stewart


  • Teaching and learning

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  • Curriculum and Reform
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