Curriculum networks build capacity for teachers as they implement quality teaching. A range of resources are available for leaders to share as they support their network colleagues.

What curriculum resources and professional learning are available to support my network?


Resources to support teaching and learning.

Explore curriculum resources to support teaching and learning including:

  • curriculum support with professional learning, teaching resources and advice in all key learning areas K to 12
  • quality resources and professional learning to help K to 6 teachers plan, program, teach, assess and report
  • how to develop and evaluate K–6 scope and sequences plus samples for each key learning area

Literacy and numeracy are a major focus for schools K to 12. Resources to support schools to effectively teach literacy and numeracy include:

  • Literacy and numeracy professional learning opportunities to support teachers and school leadership teams in the teaching of literacy and numeracy K to 12
  • a suite of tools to assess student literacy and numeracy skills at different stages throughout K to 12, including teaching strategies mapped to NSW stage based skills.

Teachers expertly draw on a range of rich assessment strategies to monitor and track individual student progress, inform future directions for student learning and provide ongoing feedback to students. Student assessment resources include:

Explore additional resources to support Teaching and learning.

Inclusive education

Curriculum networks provide opportunities for discussion and capacity building for inclusive education of all NSW students.

Resources and links to support K to 12 inclusive education in NSW public schools include:


Effective curriculum networks provide a collaborative, supportive environment to build the capacity of members to implement curriculum in their schools.

  • Access professional learning for continuous improvement of school leadership teams, teachers and non-teaching staff.
    • Advice is available for school principals and leadership teams to establish cycles of continuous high impact professional learning to support the professional growth of all teachers.
    • Visit the priority professional learning selector for a curated list of widely accessible courses for teachers and school leaders, making it easier to identify and prioritise relevant and high-quality professional learning.
    • Professional learning resources include MyPL, evaluation resource hub, pre-service teacher resources and information for principals and school leaders.
  • School learning environments and change (SLEC) provides strategic advice and professional learning to empower teachers and school leaders to operate effectively within innovative learning environments. Browse professional learning courses offered by SLEC. Resources from Education for a changing world empower schools and communities to lead innovation and new approaches to learning.
  • Support for applying the teaching standards, accreditation information, induction resources, and professional development courses are located on Teacher quality and accreditation.
  • School Leadership Institute provides leadership development programs and support for current and future school leaders at key points in their careers.


  • Teaching and learning

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