Communicating with parents and carers

The biannual report is one communication tool. To promote collaboration and positive working relationships, schools may provide opportunities for parents/carers to discuss their child’s progress throughout the year through a variety of approaches and platforms.

These could include:

  • parent/teacher interviews face-to-face or online
  • 3-way learning conversations
  • email updates
  • online platforms, such as Google Classroom
  • review meetings as part of the collaborative curriculum planning process.

The child and the parents, guardians or other persons who have care for and control of the child have the opportunity to meet with the child’s teachers to discuss all aspects of the report and for the school to give constructive advice about supporting the child’s further progress at school (Schools Assistance (Learning Together – Achievement through choice and opportunity) Act 2004 – Sect 15).

Interim reports

Interim reports are not mandatory. A formal report on a child's learning must occur twice a year. However, the timing of the report is determined by the school.


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