Reporting on outcomes

All outcomes must be assessed but there is no requirement that they will all be reported on in the biannual reports.

The number of outcomes to be reported in each subject/course report is not mandated. This is a school-based decision. However, we recommend that there are no more than 7 outcomes reported on in each subject/course.

The choice of outcomes should reflect the knowledge and skills which have been taught and assessed during that reporting period.

When identifying the outcomes on the report, they should be written in plain English for parents to easily understand. Outcomes can be split or combined and/or written as a statement to assist parent/carer understanding of their child’s learning progress.

Use of the literacy and numeracy progressions

The literacy and numeracy progressions are not syllabus outcomes and do not need to be reported. However, the language of the indicator points could assist in informing parents of their child's strengths and areas for improvement.


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