Quirky comics: Indonesian – Pertemuan misterius 1

This beginner text is about a young man who receives a mysterious phone call that leads him to different places.

The Quirky comics video texts support the teaching of 'Understanding texts' outcomes in the Modern Languages K-10 Syllabus. This can be done in many ways, including:

  • Students can use the provided transcripts to read the stories aloud and record themselves perform the stories as plays.
  • They can summarise, sequence, extend and change the beginning or ending of the stories.
  • They can write profiles of the characters and then put them in different situations.

The texts can also lead to communicative 'Interacting' or 'Creating texts' tasks, such as, telling a nurse why you don’t feel well or writing an invitation to a birthday party.

Watch 'Mystery Phone Call (Pertemuan misterius) – Level 1' (3:32)

Mystery Phone Call (Pertemuan misterius) – Level 1

(Duration: 3 minutes 32 seconds)

Frame 1-1

Man with blue hair: Halo?

Telephone: Datang Ke restoran di depan stasiun besok jam du siang besok Jam dua siang.

Man with blue hair: Apa? Siapa? Halo?

Frame 1-2

Man with blue hair: Apa? Di restoran di depan stasiun? Besok? Jam dua? Ada apa?

Frame 2-1

Woman with orange hat: Namamu Jono?

Man with blue hair: Ya, saya Jono.

Woman with orange hat: Ini surat untuk kamu.

Man with blue hair: Kamu Marina?

Woman with orange hat: Bukan. Bacalah surat ini sekarang. Penting sekali.

Frame 2-2

Man with blue hair: Pergilah ke salon di samping kantor pos. Ada orang yang meunggu kamu.

Man with blue hair (thought bubble): …Siapa itu?

Frame 3

Woman with purple sunglasses: Kamu Jono?

Man with blue hair: Ya, saya Jono. Kamu Marina?

Woman with purple sunglasses: Bukan. Silakan dukduk di sini. Pakailah rambut palsu ini.

Man with blue hair: Rambut ini seperti rambut bapak Saya!

Woman with purple sunglasses: Diam! Dengarkan! Pergilah ke toko pakaian di belakang bank. Ada orang di sana.

Man with blue hair: Tetapi…

Woman with purple sunglasses: Cepat! Cepat!

Frame 4-1

Woman with pink wig: Kamu, Jono Bukan?

Man with blue hair: Kamu, Marina Bukan?

Woman with pink wig: Saya bukan Marina. Pakailah jas ini!

Man with blue hair: Mengapa?

Woman with pink wig: Ayo, cepat, pakailah jas ini.

Woman with pink wig: Wah, bagus! Kamu Siap.

Frame 4-2

Man with blue hair: Untuk Apa?

Woman with pink wig: Sekarang, kamu harus ke toserba. Pergilah ke lantai pertama..

Man with blue hair: Mengapa?

Woman with pink wig: Ayo, cepat, cepat!

Frame 5-1

Woman with eye patch: Ah Jono.

Man with blue hair: Kamu, Marina Bukan?

Woman with eye patch: Bukan. Saya bukan Marina. Cepat, pakailah kaca mata ini.

Man with blue hair: Mengapa?

Woman with eye patch: Jangan Kuatir! Cepat! Ayo, naik lift ke lantai kelima.

Frame 5-2

Man with blue hair: Apa? Lantai kelima? Ada apa?

Frame 6

Elevator (woman’s voice): Lantai pertama.

Elevator (woman’s voice): Lantai Kedua.!

Elevator (woman’s voice): Lantai Ketiga.

Elevator (woman’s voice): Lantai Keempat.

Elevator (woman’s voice): Lantai Kelima.

Woman in elevator: Selemat ulang tahun.
[End of transcript]


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