Managing school road safety

Schools aim to address road safety issues around their school to create a safer environment for the whole school community by:

  • teaching students about the local road safety conditions that contributes significantly to improving their own safety.
  • reminding parents and carers about safe road user behaviours outside the school also contributes significantly to the safety of our students.
  • working with agencies to improve local safety issues in the school zone through planning, enforcement, engineering or environmental changes.
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Managing a school's duty of care and road safety process

A school can use this process to address local road safety concerns, starting at any point.

Duty of care and road safety model educate, inform, document and notify

Which students need educating about the road safety concern?

  • individual or small groups of students
  • year/stage group of students
  • the whole school?

How will road safety education be made relevant?


  • localised, school-specific teaching and learning activities
  • identified outcomes
  • a strengths’ based approach?

Who will document, record and track the actions?


  • class teachers, SASS staff, school executive


  • principal

How and where will the actions be documented, recorded and tracked?

Which parents/carers need informing about the road safety concern?

The parents of:

  • individual or small groups of students
  • a year/stage group of students
  • all students?

How will it be communicated?

  • e.g. social media (Facebook, school apps, Twitter)
  • newsletters
  • school website
  • enrolment pack information,
  • orientation day
  • school noticeboard sign, email
  • meetings
  • take-home activity/note

Who needs notifying if:

  • student/s are unsafe road users
  • the infrastructure is unsupportive to a safe school site or school zone


Internally: school staff, P & C, school WHS Committee, WHS Advisor, WHS Incident Hotline, Assets Management Unit, Director Educational Leadership, local Road Safety Education Officer

Externally: Council Road Safety Officer or general manager, Transport for NSW, police highway patrol/liaison officer, council parking rangers, bus company, local businesses?

How will the notification be made?

e.g. phone call, face to face informal discussion/formal meeting, email, formal letters, Snap send solve app

Download and share with your staff only

Managing a schools duty of care and road safety (PDF 184KB)

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