Park at the park with Bondi Public School

Bondi Public School have developed some fabulous videos and lessons to fit in to their wellbeing program at school on road safety and encourage safe parent parking.

Park at the park with Bondi Public School

Wellie, their school mascot, shows parents some great places in the community to park safely. Parking away from the school and walking to pick up their child/ren has many benefits to everyone such as:

  • increased physical activity
  • reduces traffic around the school
  • provides an opportunity to talk about the day when walking to the car
  • an opportunity to play in the great parks in the area on the way home.

The school has created some wonderful safety lessons, messages for parent engagement and procedures to keep all people safe when entering or exiting the school zone. Go to Bondi Public Schools Situ360 resource to explore all the resources and keep an eye out for the hidden lessons, they are all around.

The school uses the STEM resources such as the 360 cameras and Situ app to share road safety messages. The students were involved in the development of the pick up procedures and learning how to use these resources.

The staff at the school have all engaged in road safety professional learning that has supported the change of behaviour for safe entry and exits to Bondi Public School. Now they are trying to encourage parents to park at the park to help with traffic congestion.

Find out more information about the support and Professional Learning opportunities available to help your school review its road safety education or contact your local Road Safety Education Officer

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